Physical Donations

Physical donation that can be donated to Celebration Station are:

1. The Low Country Food Bank has experienced a large cut back in food availability, thus effecting its 350 agencies.  Food Loin, another of our large contributors has also cut back considerably.  Food needs: dry goods (cereals, pastas, rice, etc), canned and jarred goods; We will receive frozen foods as long as they are properly packaged and other perishable goods (vegetables, dairy, etc) if they are still within expiration date guidelines.

2. Men and women’s hygiene supplies: shaving supplies, soap or body wash, lotions, wash cloths, etc. for the homeless are needed on a regular basis for the homeless.

3. Clothing: Winter cloths at this time; coats especially…..

4. Household goods:  kitchen ware, bedding and blankets, etc




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