Job Resources

Joblessness is another major issue among the poor and needy. It is not necessarily a lack of work skills that is the problem, it is a lack of skill in making resumes, personal presentation during interviews, finding the jobs that match their skills, as well as transportation. With our Job resources ministry we provide appropriate clothing through our clothing locker if needed, as well as transportation to get to interviews and to the job after they are hired. This is accomplished through cooperation with Carta Transportation, which operates a county wide bus service. Carta provides a bus pass for people recommended through Celebration Station and other agencies in Charleston County.  This  reduces the cost significantly.  Celebration Station also aids individuals in acquiring a South Carolina ID(Identification). A person cannot be gainfully employed without an ID. Some individuals need to get their birth certificates first in order to get their ID.

It is Celebration Station’s desire to put people back to work and to bring praise to God for it is He who opens the door to make this possible.

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