Celebration Station was birthed in 1995 after Pastor Glenn and Pat Gilbert were powerfully touched by God at a large Christian gathering in Toronto, Canada. At the time they were both committed Christians for almost 20 years and serving as Elders at a local church.  About three months after they returned, they shared their heart with their pastor and expressed the Lord’s desire for them to go out and start a new work. Soon after, they were anointed by the Pastor and Elders of that church and sent out to answer the call of God upon their lives.

That call was to bring a tangible expression of the Father’s love to needy people. Little did they know that they would find themselves ministering in an area infamously known as the “Devil’s Triangle”. Armed only with the Father’s love and bags of groceries, they began to share the love of Jesus Christ.  Glenn and Pat operated Celebration Station out of their home with church services, food locker and food preparation for five years. In August 2000 they moved into their current location.

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