The mandate of Celebration Station is to bring forth a relevant expression of the love of God and vital truth that ensues out of it in these perilous times.  It is to share the revelation of the love of God, which weaves its way throughout scripture like veins of gold to those that desire to put off the corruptible nature and but on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.  It is to expose a lie that makes the love of God feeble, without power to change and transform the human soul, delegating those that believe this to continue in their sin and a life of corruption, sorrow and gloom and doomed to judgement and destruction.

It is to reveal that the love of God will cost everything, but at the same time gain eternal life and bliss in this life that is incomparable.  It is to reveal the necessity of tribulation and perseverance, while at the same time enjoying the presence of God and the peace there in.  It is to bring a reveling in the empowering of  the joy of salvation and victory through power and authority over all God’s enemies. For we are weapons of His righteousness against all His enemies.




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